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Jamie Brown has joined LiveLink to help introduce 3D Design to both the company and its clients.

I'm building high quality 3D renders of our products and getting these models into a library which will allow 3D rotating previews of our products for the customer. We also intend to show products in real life situations such as a living room or kitchen... creating great up-sell potential.

Before joining LiveLink, I worked in television post-production for 8 years, making high profile commercials for well known brands. A switch to video, working within a new department, meant lots of responsibility and diversification. I began to develop 3D modelling and built models, textured, animated and rendered assets for companies such as Nickelodeon, Channel 4, Diageo and even a graphical section for the most recent series of Britain's Got Talent.

I joined LiveLink because of the exciting opportunities offered working with 3D in a field where it's not been used before and the technology is constantly being pushed. The people here are great fun and great at what they do. I'm loving being closer to home and cycling to work along the coastline is an amazing privilege. I'm hoping to help LiveLink push even further ahead of its competitors... and for a few more trips on the company boat!


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