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LiveLink Technology - Promotions Terms and Conditions

January 2018 - Promotion

  • LiveLink, reserve the right to end, vary or change promotions at any time. All rights reserved.

  • Kiosks come with a 6-month Free Gold Support Contract.

  • Kiosks have 1-year warranty coverage from date of delivery to client's store.

  • These Promotional kiosks are subject to the usual Support and licence contract plans.

  • Delivery and packaging costs are not included in the advertised price but will be discussed at point of sale.
    Delivery time is subject to LiveLink's kiosk demand and the production of the Kiosk/s. (circa 3-4 weeks)

  • Reconditioned Kiosks may have some minor visible signs of wear and tear but ultimately they have the latest specifications and are in great working order.

  • Reconditioned Kiosks on promotion are for LiveLink clients with a Rails3 Website or a 615-MyLab in contract.

If you require further information regarding these promotions or the terms associated with it, please email

Promotional adverts and emails are subject to client's contract details and so may not apply to all LiveLink clients.