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Black Girls Tech

February 28th, 2015

Meet one of LiveLink's development team who is also the founder of Black Girls Tech, Damilola Odelola, told The Voice about the imbalance she has been trying to correct:

“There's an initiative to get more women in tech, which is absolutely necessary, Odelola says but the industry is blindsiding the fact that there's also not many non-whites in tech. And where there are, they're not usually in high positions.

That's not to say that computer programming and software development are discriminatory environments to work in. They are largely progressive industries and Odelola acknowledges that the support of online tech communities and the generosity of individuals sharing their knowledge.

She's not disheartened. Quite the opposite, it's an opportunity. She says people see what she's doing as a type of activism. She talks about a friend of hers - a black woman who has risen to the position of lead developer in the space of three years - and refers to the hoops she had to jump through. There's admiration in her voice and perhaps a hint of what inspired her to set up her own enterprise.

Odelola encourages those who are daunted by the technical aspects of computer programming to shake off those fears. The only maths I did was GCSE and I only liked algebra, she says. There is a mathematical element to coding but really it's more about creating something from nothing and making the impossible possible. It's about asking ourselves what tools we need to make this web page flash when it's opened in the browser.

She continues: I didn't know I liked tech until I had to make my own website. I want to get old and young black and ethnic minority women enjoying tech.”

“Plenty of “space” at Hampshire office refurbishment!!”

Space Invaders Office Design
December 16th, 2014

“Digital company LiveLink Tech Ltd has demonstrated how creative carpet design can set the tone for the whole building at its new offices in Havant.

The company specified 60m2 of Supacord tiles in Graphite, Steel Grey and Red for the refurbished former Havant Council building, working with nationwide flooring contractor Enhanced Floors.

Enhanced Floors recommended that LiveLink chose Supacord by Heckmondwike FB because of its wide choice of colours and its durability.

Geoff Youngs, Technical Director at LiveLink, wanted a Space Invaders' theme to his office. He liked the idea of using the floor space to create an eye-catching design, which was possible due to the versatility of Supacord tiles.

Graphite was used for the background colourway, with Steel Grey chosen for the alien’s body and Red for the eyes, creating a result that was inspired by the design of the original 1978 arcade game.

The whole impact was enhanced with black window frames, red window sills and a large glass door etched with a screen shot from the retro game.

Geoff Youngs said: “Personalisation is at the core of our business, both for our clients and our clients’ clients. We wanted to create a working environment that reflects both our culture and our strategic priorities. The vibrant carpet tiles gave us the freedom we are used to with computers to personalise the floor with pixels. The result looks fantastic and has generated lots of positive comments from everyone who has seen it.”

Andrew Bradley, Director at Enhanced Floors, said: “We have worked with Heckmondwike FB for over 20 years and Supacord can be relied upon to provide good performance over the long term. It was the obvious choice for us to recommend it for creating the striking impression that LiveLink wanted to create!”

Latest Bulletin

December 12th, 2014

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David Booth, Graphic Designer

August 11th, 2014

David joined LiveLink as Graphic Designer in May. Here are few things he had to say about his new role:

"My primary role is to create new product templates for our clients, using previous experience in a customer-facing environment to offer the most friendly and efficient service possible. I also assist with product photography, photo editing and web design. The chance to experience a little bit of everything is the best thing about the job, every day feels like a new challenge.

After graduating from Portsmouth University I set myself up as a freelance illustrator and soon accepted commissions, discovering a talent for graphics that would later extend to web design. I also gained experience in marketing, customer services and operations management and dabbled in bookkeeping and admin.

The amount of collective knowledge here at LiveLink is overwhelming, everybody is an expert in something and I feel privileged to be able to enhance my skills in a nurturing environment where development is encouraged. I proposed to my girlfriend a few days after starting at LiveLink, so on a personal level I hope that we can buy a house together and get married. A career in the design sector has been my ambition for as long as I can remember, and to fulfil that ambition in such an innovative and inspiring company is already better than I could have hoped for."

Summer Bulletin

August 5th, 2014

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Jamie Brown Profile

July 28th, 2014

I'm building high quality 3D renders of our products and getting these models into a library which will allow 3D rotating previews of our products for the customer. We also intend to show products in real life situations such as a living room or kitchen... creating great up-sell potential.

Before joining LiveLink, I worked in television post-production for 8 years, making high profile commercials for well known brands. A switch to video, working within a new department, meant lots of responsibility and diversification. I began to develop 3D modelling and built models, textured, animated and rendered assets for companies such as Nickelodeon, Channel 4, Diageo and even a graphical section for the most recent series of Britain's Got Talent.

I joined LiveLink because of the exciting opportunities offered working with 3D in a field where it's not been used before and the technology is constantly being pushed. The people here are great fun and great at what they do. I'm loving being closer to home and cycling to work along the coastline is an amazing privilege. I'm hoping to help LiveLink push even further ahead of its competitors... and for a few more trips on the company boat!

Spring Fair 2014

Interest in CardCreator keeps building steadily and we had another successful show in the Greetings Card sector. This year saw the Pro and Lite joined by their little sister, the SuperLite, an entry level version with the same software functionality that our customers have come to expect for ordering personalised greetings cards but... retailing at just £495 and then £49 per month rental (no fixed term). This proved of particular interest to retailers with limited space, as the interactive HD touchscreen can even be fitted to a wall, with the computer and printer kept safely in a back office or behind the counter.

We also met many of our friends in the greetings card industry and made a number of new contacts with some up-and-coming licensors. So we soon hope to be announcing the arrival of some fresh designers to the fold. Visitors to our stand included, Ian MacFarlaine and Tracey Bearton from Greetings Today, who were cruising the hall to create the best possible Valentine's Day cards for their loved ones. What could be better than a personalised card with photos downloaded from their phone and a message of their own making?

To catch up with the latest developments, come and see us next at The Photography Show 1st - 4th March (NEC stand N1 of Hall 12 - next to the Retailers' Lounge) and then at PG Live 13th - 14th May (Business Design Centre, London stand 117 right by the entrance).


January 31st, 2014

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Matt Mofrad, Systems Support Engineer

October 15th, 2013

I have been working at LiveLink as the Systems Support Engineer since October. I had a friend from my time at university who told me that there was a position opening at the company she was working at and thought it would be a great opportunity for me due to my experience in Linux, the operating system of choice at LiveLink... and my general love of all things techie.

So I came to Havant to visit the company to see what they do and I would like to apply for a job at. I instantly fell in love with the place. The people all give off a really positive vibe and the building was full of fascinating items, which I am discovering more of daily as the company expands and develops. So I sent in my CV and was very happy to be called back for an interview. After assessing my technical abilities I was very pleased to be offered the position.

Then I was asked “When would you like to start?”... my answer: “Tomorrow.” I was that excited. An enthusiasm that has been maintained every day when I come into work, where no two days are the same and I get to utilise a range of skills from the more physical, when building a kiosk, to problem solving when one of the technical support calls is passed onto me, or interpersonal skills when I leave the office to do onsite work.

Working at LiveLink has given me the environment to really test and improve my knowledge, and when I don't know something there is a fantastic team behind me to guide me and support my ideas when trying something new. I look forward to working for LiveLink for a long time and seeing how, hopefully with my help, the company grows.

Matt Mofrad.


October 1st, 2013

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August 28th, 2013

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August 1st, 2013

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Claire Anstey, Personal Assistant

July 30th, 2013

Claire joined LiveLink as Personal Assistant to the Business Development Director (David Youngs) in mid July. Here are few things she had to say about the role:

"Having seen LiveLink's advertisement for a PA, I thought it was worth a shot as it sounded like a fun and interesting place to work. No two days are the same and everyone pitches in as and when needed. I can safely say the LiveLink employees are great bunch and being with a friendly, hard working team has made my first few weeks here a pleasure.

With over 15 years experience in an office environment, I have worked in industries such as pharmaceutical, law, the public sector and post production. My roles have included being a Personal Assistant, Administrator and a Producer. There's even been a bit of telemarketing in Australia thrown in for good measure. I have dealt with a range of people and personalities and gained invaluable office experience at the same time.

LiveLink is an innovative and successful business and it is a privilege to be part of the team. I am excited to see how things develop here and hope to have a long career at this ever-growing company."

Important Customer Announcements

October 31st, 2012

Shuttle Kiosks, Support Contracts, and Payments by cheque

Shuttle Kiosks

The 'shuttle' chassis (computer box) was used for the CT-405, CT-202 or earlier LiveLinkXX Instore Photo Kiosks. Developments in both computer hardware and software advance continually, increasing both opportunity and functionality. At the same time, these developments also force older technologies to become redundant and ultimately unavailable. Despite our best efforts, this technological evolution is beginning to affect LiveLink's ability to service the older machines as manufacturers have decided to cease production in favour of newer motherboards, power supplies and CPU's.

Therefore, it is with regret that we will be unable to guarantee support for the CT-405, CT-202 and all earlier LiveLinkXX kiosks after 5th April 2013 (the end of the financial year). This does not mean that the equipment will cease to operate, but we cannot guarantee an ability to supply parts, should a failure occur. Wherever possible we will endeavour to ensure your equipment continues to operate reliably and servicing remains as cost effective as possible. Priority of service ability will be offered to customers with Platinum, Gold and Silver support contracts.

Of course, one way to be sure of avoiding this issue would be to replace your older LiveLink equipment and, to reward you for your loyalty to LiveLink, we will be pleased to part-exchange your old equipment for the latest CT-505HD. Full details of this product are available at or contact Sales on 020-7183-1411 and ask for Damon Evison.

Meanwhile, we would advise all users to continue to take appropriate care of their machines. Top tips to promote longer equipment life are:

- Turn off the machine and use a vacuum cleaner (or compressed air) to remove any build up of dust from outside the case and especially in and around each of the ventilation grilles
- Ensure the ventilation grilles are not blocked by any other equipment and have a free flow of cool air

Support Contracts

LiveLink takes a great pride in its products and we believe it is essential that they are fully supported to keep them operating as intended. Therefore, after 5th April 2013 all LiveLink kiosks must be maintained with a valid Support Contract. A Bronze Contract is available for as little as £195 per year (just 53p a day) and will provide you with all software updates. Further Support Contracts are listed at: After 5th April 2013, the Support Team will no longer be able to assist with equipment that does not have a valid Support Contract.

Payments by cheque

In these tougher economic times it seems that one sector that rarely loses out is the banking industry. In this regard, it has been drawn to our attention that there is a considerable cost to both you and us when processing cheques and sending them through the post. Therefore, if you haven't already, please arrange to pay for Support Contracts and License Renewals by Direct Debit. For one-off payments, BACS can also be used quickly and effectively. However, from 5th April 2013 any cheques received will incur an automatic additional charge of £4 which is the amount it costs us to process each cheque. Please contact the Sales or Accounts Depts if you would like any help setting up a Direct Debit on 020-7183-1411 or by email:

Thank You!

Thank you for choosing LiveLink for your photo service needs. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Support Team on 020-7183-1411 during normal working hours or by email:

New Head Office

LiveLink House
April 16th, 2012

With the rapid expansion of the business, LiveLink has been looking to move to new premises for some months and are very pleased to have found prestigious new office space in a Grade II listed building... resplendent with Tudor oak beams. There is around triple the space of our former Head Office in Rowlands Castle and we have spent some time having it done up so it is just as we need it. What is more, we have been able to create a purpose built Conference Room with training and demonstration facilities coming soon.

LiveLink House is just 4 minutes walk from Havant railway station (an hour and a quarter fast train from London) and there is the Bear Hotel opposite, with the Meridian Centre car park close by too. Road access is via the A27 along the south coast or the A3(M) from London and the M25.

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“Pressing the Right Buttons”

Progressive Greetings about CardCreator
March 12th, 2012

“Independent card retailers make no bones about their feelings for Moonpig, Funky Pigeon and other print-on-demand operators - 72% see them as a real threat to their business (according to the recent PG/Cardgains Retail Barometer findings).
Print-on-demand greeting cards might only represent 4% of the UK greeting card market, but it has been a slug of the market that has been out of reach of indies - until CardCreator launched onto the market last month, that is. PG found out more about this 'instore answer to Moonpig', from CardCreator's co-founder, David Youngs.”

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“The best show yet!”

Focus on Imaging
March 4th-7th, 2012

Building upon the success of our new exhibition stand at Spring Fair, early signs are that this year's Focus on Imaging exhibition in the NEC was by all accounts “the best show yet!”

Since the last Focus, LiveLink has worked hard to made a considerable number of exciting developments in all areas.

The ever popular Online Photo Kiosk has been boosted with the addition of a brand new Desktop interface which customers can download onto their computers if they would like to. Whilst not essential for use of the Online Kiosk, this has proved a big favourite with professional photographers who make a number of orders and want a top quality result.

A great new look to the Instore Kiosk has been a huge hit and retailers really enthused about the way the acrylic screen surround links the computer with the 22” HD touchscreen... whilst also giving them 'acres' of space to promote their brand and the products they are offering to customers.

However, we were most struck by the way the innovative CardCreator kiosk brought in the crowds. What better way to accompany some photos and/or photo gifts than with a personalised greetings card? As you can see in the picture, potential customers were queuing up to have a look at the stand and to see what all the fuss was about. Designing cards on the easy to use interface could hardly have been simpler. People could choose from the hundreds of possibilities and loved the ability to insert their own text and even photos to make it truly personal... and then have a top quality print out to take away in less than a couple of minutes!

And all that in the space of a just a year. So, with plenty more ideas to put into action... you had better keep your ears to the ground to hear how LiveLink is changing your world.

CardCreator launch at Spring Fair 2012

February 14th, 2012

Wow, what an amazing few days Spring Fair 2012 proved to be for CardCreator and the LiveLink team!

This was the launch of our new venture into the greetings card industry and LiveLink's first visit to Europe's biggest gift and home accessories show. Spread over 16 gigantic halls in the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham from Sunday 5th - Thursday 9th Feb this is a truly massive undertaking and one in which many buyers spent the whole 5 days scouring for new ideas. Greetings and Stationery were in hall 4 and we were to be found on stand E98, edge on to the main boulevard.

It proved a perfect venue for showing the new CardCreator kiosk to huge numbers of avid buyers from the full spectrum of retail outlets, whether they had a small village shop tight for space or a chain of dedicated card shops numbering in the hundreds. Both could immediately see the industry-changing potential for developing an instore capability for printing personalised greetings cards... so that the customers could take them out of their shops in just a couple of minutes. Indeed, despite having up to 5 members of the team manning the stand, we regularly found ourselves rushed off our feet with even a queue forming on occasions.

Of course, there were a few people who visited the Greetings and Stationery section for whom the whole concept of using a touchscreen was just too new a step to take in and they walked blithely by without really noticing it at all. However, it was made abundantly clear by the large number of those who did stop and ask what it was all about, that this is an innovation for which the industry has been waiting for some time, and many went away raving about it. Similarly, we were approached by a number of card designers/content providers who could see the potential market and wanted their cards to be displayed for sale on LiveLink's kiosks too.

Never ones to let the grass grow under our feet, we also took the opportunity provided by such a large number of visitors to gain a considerable amount of feedback... so that we can tweak the user interface to make it even easier to use in our continual programme of updates. Therefore, things can only get better as we start shipping the kiosks out into the stores.

Look out for us next at Focus on Imaging from Monday 4th - Wednesday 7th March, and the Progressive Greetings Show on 29th - 30th of May... but don't wait too long, as you never know who else might get our kit into their shops before you!

New Desktop Kiosk

July 29th, 2011

We're rolling out the new version of the Desktop Kiosk, our free downloadable software to help regular users with large uploads. It's designed to work with all the major operating systems, so customers can enjoy its advantages whether they use Windows, Mac or Linux.

The Desktop Kiosk has a simple workflow that is based on the experiences of our regular desktop kiosk customers, and is noticably faster than the standard Online Kiosk upload for large orders. For more information click here.

Click on any of the screenshots to the left to see a higher resolution version of the image.

Focus on Imaging 2011

March 16th, 2011

What a success! If you visited the LiveLink stand at the Focus on Imaging exhibition in March, you will probably have seen how rushed off our feet we were, particularly in the mornings. Having our own stand right by the entrance was a definite plus but LiveLink's kiosks were actually to be found on 4 stands... more than any equivalent product that we could see.

Our new iPhone + iPod connectivity module proved very popular, particularly as it demonstrated LiveLink's determination to be leading the way with software development. The ability to 'plug in and download' promises to unlock a previously lost generation of photos on people's iPhones.

Most significant of all, was our instigation of the IQ Alliance - a unique, cross industry alliance to improve photo gift sales and simplify their production. Retailers of all sizes told us they could see great potential to improve their photo gift sales by 'Smart' marketing and up-selling... let alone the benefits of higher quality templates for customers, a wider range of products, and more profitable production and outsourcing opportunities.

So, it is taking a long time to work through the orders and enquiries. We will be telephoning everyone we spoke to over the next few days but if you're in a hurry to place an order, please just give us a call - we look forward to helping you develop your business with the best kiosks on the market!

Click on any of the thumbnails from the show to see a higher resolution version of the image.

LiveLink Rebranding

March 14th, 2011

You may have noticed that we've had a bit of a make-over! In February this year, we launched a fresh new logo and website. We hope you like it. You should be seeing signs of the new LiveLink brand all over, from our contracts, to our invoices and support documents. Let us now what you think by getting in touch with us.

LiveLink: 4 The Green, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, PO9 6BN, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 207 183 1411


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